Following a brief career as a brain imaging scientist Darren started working with enterprise software in 2001, joining SAP in 2008. After a period working on SAP’s web-facing portals he became architect of the SAP Cloud ID service, the first of SAP’s products to use DevOps and Continuous Delivery principles. More recently he joined the Cloud Infrastructure Automation Engineering team responsible for building and running a multi-datacenter DevOps-enabled cloud platform for SAP’s software to run on.


SAP’s DevOps Journey: From Building an App to Building a Cloud
SAP has been using a DevOps & Continuous Delivery approach for building its web and mobile apps for several years, and is now building and running a global cloud at the scale needed to support the digital transformation needs of its customers. This talk recaps the story of how SAP originally adopted DevOps practices before moving on to describe how the Cloud Infrastructure Services team is building and operating its 3rd generation cloud automation system using microservices, containers and open-source software.