Keith has 30 years of experience leading software development and operations teams. In the past three years he led a project in Ordnance Survey which used culture change, DevOps practices, Open Source tools and business process improvements to transform the infrastructure provisioning service. This project dramatically improved the efficiency and effectiveness of this service and it was shortlisted for the Real IT Awards 2016. Keith has now been appointed as Continuous Delivery manager to promote the adoption of CD principles, patterns and tools within development and operations teams. He has also spoken at various DevOps conferences and user groups.


What has DevOps ever done for us – A Case Study
Gaining support for change initiatives involves showing people real value quickly. This presentation describes our DevOps journey so far. The results dramatically improved our ways of deploying infrastructure and how we had to adjust our ways of working to embrace the new “Cloud” world. We show how this started with a culture change and adoption of new tools and resulted in improving the cost and speed of delivering infrastructure. This also improved teamwork and customer relationships between operations, development, and our other stakeholders. Although we had to overcome many challenges in terms of culture, politics, attitudes, skills, and process, we realised significant business benefits and cost savings.