Would you like worry-free deployments any time of day?

Today the business demands quick access to new technology quickly, which means you will need shorter release cycles and centralized control of both your on and off premise resources. Integrating cloud resources into your traditional datacenter management can prove challenging and time consuming at best. What if you could increase your organization’s ability to innovate utilizing business automation to bridge your gap to the cloud?

Tom Flitter, Director of Applications and Integrations at TASC, discusses how TASC solved long release cycles, extended service downtimes per release, and highly manual processes for releasing their main application across all environments.

The webinar will be looking at how you can:
• Automate your deployment of code updates with the correct configuration
• Reduce errors with by automating manual steps and scripts
• Achieve quicker deployment times to meet business demands
• Integrate with Jenkins build management

Presenter’s bio:

Tom Flitter is currently the Director of Applications and Integrations at TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation). He is an information technology leader with a substantial experience in application development, program management, project management and team development. He has years of experience in leading complex strategic, cross functional, and high ROI technology initiatives. He holds an MBA for Business Administration Management and is working for TASC since 5 years.

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