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13 May 2014, Hotel Casa 400, Amsterdam

DevOps Service Providers


AppDynamics is the next generation application performance management solution that simplifies the management of complex, business-critical apps. No one can stand slow applications—not IT Ops and Dev teams, not the CIO, and definitely not end users. With AppDynamics, no one has to tolerate slow performing apps ever again. AppDynamics customers include Netflix, Priceline, TiVo, AMICA Insurance,, StubHub, Staples, Insight Technologies, and Cornell University. For more information, visit


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Automic is the most comprehensive platform for automating businesses globally. We help over 2,500 companies - from start-ups to global brands - grow their business by taking away the stress of the everyday so they can focus on innovating. We do this through automating every aspect of their business to eliminate errors, ensure compliance, reduce costs and maintain services while providing a full dashboard for business leaders.


BMC Software 
Telephone: +1 713 918 8800
Contact: Christopher Little



Key services
Boundary has developed the first central intelligence service for modern IT operations management (ITOM). The service analyzes and correlates per-second application traffic “chatter” with inputs from third-party IT management tools, to provide IT operations teams with early warnings on application and cloud failures. Boundary users can now monitor their entire IT environments from a single cloud-based dashboard that is updated every second, improving business agility and reducing management costs.

Tools and services description
Boundary is a modern ITOM platform built for modern IT operations. Boundary is a SaaS solution designed from the ground up to match the scale and speed of today’s applications. Massive data sets are collected, processed, and displayed in real time. Plus, it deploys in minutes—settings are automated and no hardware or code changes are needed.

If you’re running in the cloud or managing modern applications, Boundary will provide the visibility you need to be successful. Boundary is also an optimal fit for your Agile and DevOps initiatives, enabling real-time behavioral understanding—before, during, and after deployments.

Highlights of special products
Boundary delivers the capabilities you need to do proactive application management and prevent downtime. Boundary can instantly create and update topology maps. This relational understanding of the underlying infrastructure provides context for the events and metrics Boundary captures. With Boundary’s intelligent capabilities for anomaly detection, drill-down analysis, and alerting, you can do rapid root cause identification and get the cross-component visibility you need to spot rogue resource utilization and misconfigurations.

Following is an overview of the key capabilities Boundary delivers:

  • Centralized ops dashboard. Boundary’s trends dashboard provides a single view for complete visibility into complex, distributed applications, and it provides a powerful, intuitive interface for analyzing changes in your application and infrastructure behavior.
  • Comprehensive coverage. Unlike traditional IT operations management solutions, Boundary helps you understand application and infrastructure behavior, regardless of the language or stack you’re using. Boundary is a language- and infrastructure-agnostic platform that provides 100% coverage.  We accomplish this by using lightweight software agents that monitor all application traffic, all the time, directly from each individual host.
  • One-second data streams. Utilizing real-time application flow data and behavioral analytics, Boundary provides critical context for proactive event management, making it fast and easy to gain operational insights and rapidly resolve problems. The Boundary streaming engine ingests massive data sets at one-second intervals. This per-second data resolution provides the granularity and insights needed to understand and manage even the most complex and distributed systems.
  • Early warning alerts. Boundary delivers the analytics that enable proactive trend analysis and fast anomaly detection. Boundary provides algorithms that can help forecast behavior and generate alerts when appropriate. The solution offers alerting at all levels, including node, application, and group. In addition, you can use Boundary to collect additional metrics, including throughput, round-trip time, and re-transmits.
  • Application topology mapping. Through its automated discovery, dependency analysis, and application traffic collection, Boundary can create and update topology maps in real time. Boundary offers insights that leverage a relational understanding based on application flows between hosts—providing critical context for metrics and events.
  • Consolidated events console. Boundary integrates event data, providing a single platform for consolidated operations management. Boundary offers a pre-built library of event connectors for several platforms, as well as APIs for integration with other tools. As a result, event data from Boundary and third-party platforms can be viewed within the context of application topology.

Contact Details:
1550 Bryant St. Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94103
444 Castro St. Suite 917, Mountain View, CA 94041
9390 Research Blvd. Building II, Suite 400, Austin, TX 78731

Contact: Chris O’Connell - Marketing Director
Phone: 415.500.2180


CA Technologies      
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The CA LISA® Application Delivery suite from CA Technologies addresses DevOps challenges with innovative technology for optimizing application development and testing, increasing the velocity of enterprise application delivery, while simultaneously driving quality and reducing the cost of innovation.


CAP Project Services      
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“Enabling continuous delivery” is what CAP Project Services exclusively focus on, helping organisations change and align their business activities to make continuous delivery happen.

We span the Management, Development and Operations domains, independent of tooling vendors and workplace politics.  We ensure the business processes, organizational structures, tooling choices and cultural values of your organization are all focused on the value creation that is at the heart of DevOps.

Ignore the hype and be pragmatic – CAP Project Services – Enabling Continuous Delivery.

Contact: Craig Pearson
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 2600 156


Telephone: +441489854013
Contact: Gerald Tombs.


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CollabNet is a leading provider of Enterprise Cloud Development and Agile ALM products and services for software-driven organizations. With more than 7,000 global customers, the company provides a suite of platforms and services to address three major trends disrupting the software industry: Agile, DevOps and hybrid cloud development. Its CloudForge™ development-Platform-as-a-Service (dPaaS) enables cloud development through a flexible platform that is team friendly, enterprise ready and integrated to support leading third party tools. The CollabNet TeamForge® ALM, ScrumWorks® Pro project management and Subversion Edge source code management platforms can be deployed separately or together, in the cloud or on-premise.
Contact name: Auke Jilderda
Telephone: +31620 622 960


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DataArt is a custom software development firm that builds advanced solutions for the financial services, healthcare, hospitality and other industries. Combining domain knowledge with offshore cost advantages and resource flexibility, DataArt develops industry-defining applications, helping clients optimize time-to-market and minimize software development risks in mission-critical systems. With an unrivaled talent pool of highly skilled software engineers in New York, London, Russia and Ukraine, DataArt provides the technical skill, accountability and industry knowledge needed to deliver custom applications on time and on budget.

DataArt has been consistently named one of the top or fastest growing IT outsourcing providers worldwide by BusinessWeek, CMP's Global Sourcing 100, International Association of Outsourcing Professionals and Inc. 5000. DataArt clients include Standard & Poor's, Harmonic Fund Services, Ogilvy, artnet, Panasonic, Cancer Research, Charles River Laboratories, Betfair, Misys, leading asset management firms and three of the world's top ten investment banks.

Contact Details:
DataArt - Enjoy IT! ®
40 Gracechurch street,
London EC3V 0BT, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 2070999464
Erika Bianco -

Telephone: 08701999377
Contact: Rick Anthony


Electric Cloud
Electric Cloud products help you automate and accelerate your software delivery processes including build, test, deploy and release and the use of their supporting infrastructure.

Contact details:
Dave Upton
Telephone: +44 7825 418368


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Key Services:

DevOps:  Automation, collaboration, and quality

Based on HP IT Performance Suite (ITPS), HP solutions for DevOps are a crucial success factor in initiatives aimed at breaking down the walls between development and operations teams. By unifying these key functions, ITPS enables you to increase agility across your complete application lifecycle and empowers your teams to collaborate effectively to deliver better applications, faster.
HP DevOps: 3 keys to end-to-end agility
Learn more about the DevOps challenge and the three keys to help you unify IT silos to accelerate end-to-end application delivery.

Key Benefits:     Automation that accelerates release times, eliminates manual handoffs, and reduces errors
Collaboration across IT silos and between IT and the business
Quality to build trust between Dev and Ops and enable faster release of change

Highlights of special products:

Contact details:
Hewlett-Packard Company
Cain Road
Berkshire RG12 1HN
Tel: 0845 600 5228


Telephone: 0845 612 0912
Contact: Tamaryn Titcombe


At Ranger4 we're all about harnessing technology to make IT development and operations teams' lives more fun. Our solutions help you:

  • Understand what you have and make informed investment decisions
  • Take the pain out of managing your super-complex environments
  • Make it possible to focus on delivering innovation, fast, to your business
  • Get the answers you need, quickly, so you can fix issues in a snap

We're fanatical about making live on earth fantastic – using the power of DevOps. Devopstastic.


Serena Software 
Telephone: 0800 328 0243
Contact: Una Flynn


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Hi, we're Speerhead the DevOps people. Nice to meet you.

We like to think we’ve put together something pretty special here at Speerhead – an agile group of DevOps expert technical marketers, resourcers and an Inside Sales Team with a shared commitment to marketing, selling, and doing good work for the DevOps technology vendors and community.

DevOps Graduate placement: Placement and training program to grow your own DevOps with our academy
Resourcing: Sales, Presales, Engineers, Consultants.
Sales as a Service: Speerhead market and sell DevOps products and Services into the EMEA markets
Contact: Kamila Parker -


Stackify provides software developers, operations and support managers with an innovative cloud based platform that allows them to monitor and troubleshoot their applications .Using Stackify businesses achieve DevOps visibility and can easily detect and resolve application problems and ensure their customers’ satisfaction. The platform combines monitoring, errors, metrics, logs and secure remote access with the relevant context in one platform. Stackify connects the dots for, providing you with the big picture and understanding of how data correlate across multiple source to allow for faster or even proactive application monitoring , diagnostic , and issue resolution.



+44 207 470 5650 or +1800 439 7782
Contact: Rickard Jonsson


Key Services


Contact Details:
ThoughtWorks Studios
Berkshire House
168-173 High Holborn
WC1V 7AA London,
Telephone:  +44(0) 207 497 4500


Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7014 0800
Contact: Maria Lacher



With customers such as 3M, Air France-KLM, Duke Energy, Pitney Bowes, and Société Générale, XebiaLabs is a leading provider of Continuous Delivery & DevOps Automation focused on helping organizations deliver business value faster and more efficiently. XebiaLabs' flagship product, Deployit, is the only fully-automated Application Release Automation solution, allowing customers to carry out and scale application deployments across all middleware and cloud environments. Headquartered in the U.S., XebiaLabs has a world-wide network of sales offices and partners.

Tools and Services:
XebiaLabs' flagship product, Deployit, is the only fully-automated Application Release Automation solution, allowing customers to carry out and scale application deployments across all middleware and cloud environments.

When it comes to the application release process, acceleration and reliability are on the top of the priority list.  Deployit from XebiaLabs is the market-leading application release automation solution. With Deployit, organizations are solving their application release challenges quickly and cost-effectively.
Leading organizations choose Deployit to:

  • Accelerate application delivery
  • Drive down application release costs
  • Manage evolving regulatory and compliance requirements
Achieve enterprise Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and private cloud initiatives

Contact Details:
XebiaLabs Inc.
98 N. Washington St.
Suite 501
Boston, MA 02114
Telephone: +1 617-830-2280
Contact: Heather Moses